Mobile App

Mobile Apps (iOS & Andriod) helps you connect with your users in real-time, anytime & anywhere. Increasing productivity, brand awareness, instant updates via push notifications.

Web App

Web Application allows users to perform tasks with much more screen real estate. Replacing the need for installed rich client application, using a web browser from any workstation.


Cast a global reach for your product sales, with an e-commerce site. Coupled with SEO, new and existing customers are able to find your product via search engines.


Obtain worldwide 24x7 presence with a website. Promote your branding and products. Increasing your reach to find new and grow existing customer base.

Innovative Solutions

Success in every business is always closer, if you have an edge over the rest of the pack.
We provide the necessary tech you will need to optimise your process and methods, thru customised solutions.
At Ciicon, we believe in helping our customers achieve that. Growing with you every step of the way.